Access & Acceleration Platform


The aim of this cross-border innovation platform is to facilitate access for companies to university resources, hospitals, clinical staff and patients. Innovation is particularly important today as we face many constraints in our usual way of life and the healthcare sector in particular is under pressure. Therefore, we want to encourage people to connect and use their time and resources efficiently.


The partners in the Access & Acceleration project have looked at the innovation cycle from the idea phase, through testing and evaluation, to market launch. We have developed a platform for those who are looking for help to bring a medical device to the German or Danish market - or simply to develop a medical idea.


The platform can help you in many ways, e.g. with strategies, stakeholder connections, overviews and best practice examples. It allows you to network with others. For you as a company, we offer a collection of useful tips on how to advance your innovation activities in the German-Danish region.



Innovation know-how for you

  • Support in taking a medical device from idea to development to market launch
  • Imparting knowledge about the innovation environment in the health sector: Funding, cooperation partners, testing facilities, etc.
  • Information on funding opportunities for the implementation of new project ideas
  • Competence database for finding services, test facilities and companies in the German-Danish border region
  • Overview of the German and Danish health care systems
  • Insight into completed and ongoing innovation projects in the region
  • Information on future cooperation opportunities
  • Roadmap for successful market entry for medical innovations in Scandinavia and Germany


You are representing...

  • Hospitals and their research institutions and health service providers
  • Health infrastructure providers such as municipal hospitals
  • Universities and research institutions in the field of healthcare Education sector
  • Companies on both sides of the border that are active in the health sector
  • Business development and promotion initiatives


Our database


We are looking for more service providers from hospitals, companies and institutions to become part of our database. The database is part of the platform and supports the search for services such as the testing of a medical device. Inclusion in the database increases your visibility and gives others the opportunity to cooperate with you.

Your ideas for the further development of the platformThe platform is constantly being expanded. We are collecting information, project results and case studies.Your suggestions and comments are very welcome!



Dr Katharina Rubahn
Syddansk Universitet, Mads Clausen Institute
Alsion 26400

S√łnderborg, Denmark

Download Flyer for the Access & Acceleration-Platform

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