About Access & Acceleration

Both German and Danish healthcare sectors are confronted with challenges such as the demographic change, shifting treatment requirements and rising costs. To meet these challenges and develop new innovative ideas, technologies and products in the healthcare sector, the continuous exchange between companies, hospitals and research institutions is of great importance.

With its interdisciplinary approach, the Access & Acceleration project aims to establish a cross-border platform that will enable key players in the health sector to connect and cooperate with each other to initiate innovative processes.

Project facts

  • Total budget: 2.9 million Euros
  • Around 1.7 million Euros funding granted by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark
  • Project duration: April 2019 – March 2022

Stages of the innovation process

To effectively utilise the potential of the two different healthcare systems and to support projects that are already further advanced, the project partners consider the different stages of the innovation process:

Ideation stage

This stage is about the genesis of new ideas within the healthcare sector and about fostering innovation activities by companies in the German-Danish border region. In this stage, the project will involve patients and experts from the regional healthcare sector as well.

Development stage

The project partners create concepts for developing products as well as offers and test them in two pilot projects.

Market stage

The project partners identify possible market barriers that can arise during the introduction of new technical solutions and develop strategies that facilitate the market launch.

Collaboration and user involvement  at different TRL (Technology Readiness Level) stages